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恭喜!本校第一位外籍同學通過CAA飛行學科測驗過去,都是台灣同學到國外學習飛行,現在來自法國到台灣學習的法籍同學Louis Gremeaux,來台灣學習飛行,這證明了台灣的飛行訓練具備國際水準!

16年前則是從法國海軍退伍的飛機電子工程師Louis Gremeaux葛若默,能說一口流利的英文與法文,原本的他可以選擇法國或是美國的學校,但是他卻選擇來台灣開始完成他的飛行夢想,安捷所提供符合國際標準的飛行訓練與國際化的師資讓他非常驚艷。




<Congratulation on our first international cadet on passing the CAA ground school examination!>

Over the past years, Taiwanese have been going

overseas to obtain the skill of flying due to the lack of presence of a flight school in Taiwan, but now with our French cadet Louis Gremeaux, it has proven that our standard is at the same level with any other aviation focused countries.

A former electronic engineer airman of the French Navy, Louis Gremeaux speaks fluent English and French. He compared French and American flight school during his selection process, but made Taiwan his final choice to fulfil his flying dream, and he was further impressed by the diverse and international instructor pool and standardization in place.

Under the rigorous training and self study, Louis has completed the written exam from CAA with flying color, and now he will challenge the next milestone – flying solo.

Louis’s diligence and performance is on par, if not better than any of his much younger peers, with his commitment and passion, we are certain that he will be able to challenge and succeed in getting his private pilot license soon!

Do you also have a flying dream? Wait no more, the flight school with the international standard is right here in Taiwan!

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