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  • Taiwan's flight license is not recognized abroad?
    Is it possible to be recognized by other countries when I get a flight license from the Republic of China (Taiwan)? The answer is "yes". Important countries, such as the United States, are no problem! In fact, our students have successfully converted the license issued by CAA (Civil Aviation Administration of China) to the license of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of the United States), so this is simply nonsense! Taiwan's flight license is just like a passport. Although we are not a member of the United Nations, our passports can pass through more than 100 countries, and the Taiwan flight license is the same (many civil aviation pilots in Taiwan hold CAA licenses Those who work abroad), those intermediaries who say that Taiwan's certificates are not internationally recognized or cannot be converted are just business talk! If your purpose of taking the license is to work as a co-pilot in Taiwan Airlines, then no matter whether you have a flight license from the FAA or other countries, you will not have any employment advantages. At the same time, you must follow the Taiwan Civil Aviation According to the regulations of the bureau, the transfer is completed. If you hold a license from another country (such as: FAA, ICAO, etc.), you must first take the written test of the Civil Aviation Administration of Taiwan, and then you can take the technical test. However, the only airlines in Taiwan that can conduct the technical test (China Airlines, Evergreen) , Huaxin, Taiwan Tiger Airways, Far East, etc.) and Ansett Aviation Training Center, if there is no way to switch between the above units, then it is impossible for you to fly or engage in flight work in Taiwan! No matter which country you get your flight license from, and you are a commercial pilot (CPL) who does not have enough on-type (civil aviation type) hours, your home field of employment is mainly in Taiwan, so you It must be converted to a CAA certificate, unless you have the nationality of another country, you will have the opportunity to engage in flight-related work abroad. In Ansett, you can directly obtain the certificate of CAA, why do you need to waste time transferring it again?
  • What are the important qualities to be a pilot?
    Not everyone is suitable to be a pilot. Airlines and the industry agree that a pilot needs to possess the following qualities: stress resistance, high self-discipline, communication skills, teamwork, workload management, hand-eye coordination, Can multi-task at the same time, and have good English ability, can communicate with others without hindrance, etc.Before entering the training, Ansett provides the pilot potential instrument test "COMPASS" used by many airlines to select pilots. For details, please refer to, which can give you a preliminary and accurate understanding of your own Airworthiness and personality, and then evaluate whether to enter flight training. You can also participate in the flight evaluation training that many people have participated in, and understand your physical condition and flight psychological quality during flight through actual aircraft training.
  • Some people say that the quality of flight training in Taiwan is not good, and the airlines will not accept the training. Is this true?
    I believe that you may hear similar rumors in the whispers, saying that Taiwan’s flight training is not as good as that of the United States, etc. Taiwan Airlines will not accept these words. We believe that these words are all from the agency. It is very wrong and biased! This is because there were no flying schools in Taiwan in the early days, and the only way to learn to fly was to go abroad, which created a wrong impression over the years. It is true that the United States is a pioneer in the aviation industry. It is more open than Taiwan in terms of aviation regulations and policies. The related job market is rich and mature. Therefore, there are nearly a thousand flight schools in the United States, but the quality of them varies. Good schools are very good ( However, relatively expensive tuition fees), poor schools are often heard (those that seek cheapness often have problems). ​ In fact, Anjie is currently the school with the highest employment rate among the flight schools attended by Taiwanese people. The employment rate of our self-funded training has exceeded 70%, and it is still increasing! Graduates are currently all over Taiwan's major airlines, Among them, as many as one-third of the co-pilots of Tigerair Taiwan are from Anjie! Because there are many ordinary airline job opportunities in the United States, the training intensity and requirements of flight schools in the United States are less focused on entering an airline, while your main flight opportunity in Taiwan is to enter an airline as a deputy Driving, unless the school you plan to go to is a school sent by Taiwan Airlines (but the self-training and training standards are still different, such as the requirements for SOLO hours), the training intensity and requirements will not be too high. This is because employment Due to the different market environment, if the intensity and quality of training are not enough, they will not be able to withstand the strict training of airlines, and may be eliminated. In addition, some American flight schools generally train older models, and the level and quality of instructors are different. In addition, American airlines lack pilots, so most flight instructors will choose to leave after 1500 hours The school entered the airline service, and many students who learn to fly in the United States often experience problems with the lack of teachers and the quality and enthusiasm of teaching. ​ At the beginning, Anjie established a school in Taiwan and accepted the highest standards and supervision of the Civil Aviation Administration of Taiwan. All flight training is based on the training intensity and standards for students to enter airlines and become civil aviation pilots. Trained by training experts and senior instructors (Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Canada, Taiwan, etc.) The training-oriented training outline, and the introduction of brand-new aircraft types and electronic instruments, create an international bilingual flight school that meets the airline standard training quality for Chinese people. ​ I believe that no one can choose flight schools better than airlines, right? Ansett Aviation Training Center has been recognized by Taiwan Tiger Airways, Weihang, Huaxin, and China Airlines in March 2018. In March 2018, it officially signed a training contract for training pilots after its establishment in just two years. Send training to train pilots, and even cooperate with Tiger Airways, Mandarin Airlines, Flytec Aviation, Dean Airlines and other employment cooperation memorandums to ensure that Anjie students can get guaranteed interview priority admission! (Many foreign self-training returned to Taiwan to submit their resumes, but they did not even have the opportunity to take the exam) At present, our self-trained CPL (Commercial Pilot License) students have successively been admitted to airlines such as Evergreen, China Airlines, Huaxin, Tiger Airways, and Flytel. There are also students who have obtained PPL (Private Pilot License). Training by China Airlines and Evergreen, these achievements make this rumor self-defeating! Smart, are you still listening to gossip? Why not come and see for yourself! ​
  • ​ Is there any risk in finding an agent to learn to fly?
    1. The agent does not understand Taiwan Airlines In the past, most students found flight schools through intermediaries, agency centers and other industry providers. Generally, intermediaries or agency associations have no connection with airlines (even many of them have never entered airlines). For airlines The quality and requirements of the training required are often only half-knowledgeable and cannot provide correct advice for your flight training. Second, what the agency didn’t tell you... In fact, many people can only listen to the one-sided words of the agent because they cannot understand the situation of the school in advance, or they cannot see the school first. It is not the same, or there are other hidden costs that have not been informed (such as: fuel surcharges, student system management fees, instructors’ ground reminder fees, etc.), what’s more, encountering agency fraud and disappearing after remittance ! Looking for an agent to learn how to fly is not only difficult to control the risks, but also the information is asymmetrical. It is quite risky to learn from the agent alone. Learning to fly is like buying a car or studying. Before making up your mind, you will definitely test drive it first and visit the school to see the environment. Especially in the United States, there are countless flight schools, but the quality and training content are different. In the past, some students were introduced to schools that are not recognized by airlines (airlines only recognize FAA 141 schools), or packaged 61 courses In the study, I couldn't apply for the exam when I returned home, and I wanted to cry but had no tears. Third, after the commission is drawn, ignore it afterwards In addition, many agencies claim not to charge commissions, but they actually charge commissions from schools. This approach is just to set up a firewall for yourself, and wait until the school (such as the previous Mazzie, IATA) closes down due to poor management, or the quality or quantity of training teachers and equipment is not good, which seriously affects your training progress, then you can go back Looking for an agent, these agents usually pretend to be innocent, saying that they have no responsibility because they do not receive commissions, and these students can only be slaughtered by the school, and what is worse is to continue to refer the school they cooperated with after the bankruptcy, and then pick up the skin ! Spend a lot of extra money and time! ​ Fourth, it is safest to go there in person, you will not ask for help Therefore, we suggest that smart you should choose to face the school directly, find out for yourself, increase your judgment, and contact the school directly, which can save unnecessary commission costs and let you spend every penny Money is invested in yourself. Anjie is in Taiwan, welcome to come and inquire in person at any time! More importantly, we are supervised by the Civil Aviation Administration and the Consumers' Foundation in Taiwan, so you can rest assured that you will entrust us with important decisions about learning to fly.
  • Can short-sightedness and tooth decay prevent you from being a pilot?
    Actually, the aviation medical examination is not as difficult as you imagined. Are you still stuck in the previous astronaut health standards? In fact, both myopia and tooth decay can become a pilot, but it is not like some people claim that "you can learn to fly as long as you have healthy limbs". Therefore, we recommend that you take a physical examination first to find out whether your physical condition is suitable for becoming a pilot. The physical examination part must be It must be carried out at an aviation medical center approved by the Civil Aviation Administration. Ansett will cooperate with the aviation medical center to give you priority in arranging medical examinations. This certificate is one of the documents that must be carried when flying. months. Note: The physical standards of aviation personnel are divided into Class A and Class B body positions. It applies to the following: 1. Class A position: Pilots in the civil air transport industry. 2. Class B positions: learning pilots, self-use pilots, pilots in the general aviation industry, flight mechanics, flight controllers and flight teachers.
  • Some schools say that training can be completed in six months. Is this true?
    It is possible, but flight training is not comparable to learning to drive. It requires reading a lot of subjects and pre-flight preparations. Schools that emphasize fast completion of training basically have questionable teaching quality. Generally, normal and average training The duration is about 10-14 months (depending on the local maintenance, teachers, number of aircraft, weather and other factors). Of course, if you are a student who works very hard and has strong learning ability, it may be shortened to 10 months. A short training schedule will make airlines wonder about the quality of your studies. ​
  • Is there an intermediary or agency association telling me that I can go to work in other countries after passing the CPL exam?
    If you only have a CPL license, or even get a flight instructor, there is basically no way to do it without the flight time of a civil aircraft. You can go online to foreign job search websites. Most of the flight vacancies require legal status to work in the country (ie, work visa, green card, etc.). After learning to fly in Ansett and Taiwan, and obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL), you can have priority in obtaining the opportunity to become an Ansett flight instructor according to Ansett's recruitment and application arrangements.
  • Learning to fly is stressful, so it’s okay to take your time?
    Because the airlines require 141 aviation schools, 141 aviation schools have very strict curriculum arrangements, and also have stipulated completion time and courses. Basically, all students participating in the training must be arranged by the school, full-time Complete the training according to the syllabus. This is why airlines will pay special attention to whether your training is too long when reviewing your training, because in the future you will enter airline training, and the intensity of training is much higher than that of flight schools. Good schools will also make this part As part of your training, Ansett not only considers the quality of the course arrangement, but also arranges the rhythm and schedule of the training so that you can face the pressure in the future. ​
  • Do I need a license or do I need to join an airline?
    Due to the large population in the US general aviation job market, reaching nearly 600,000 people and nearly 200,000 aircrafts, the job market in the US starts with flying small aircraft, and when you have accumulated a certain amount of experience After that, you must meet the FAA regulations to accumulate 1,500 flight hours and apply for the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) qualification before you can enter a regional carrier in the United States. Therefore, the intensity of the training in the US-Australia flight school is not so difficult, because after 1500 hours of flight time accumulation, the general experience and maturity can be competent. However, there are not many job opportunities in Taiwan to accumulate 1,500 hours. It is impossible to fly to 1,500 hours at your own expense. As a result, many CPLs with only 250 hours cannot meet the admission requirements of airlines. Therefore, it is even more important to be able to use flight schools that meet airline standard training during the CPL stage. In flight training at Ansett, we value not only the quality of training but also your future employment. Here you not only accept the quality of airline training-oriented training, but also arrange a variety of employment counseling preparations and preparations after you get your certificate. Pilot transition training (Airliners Transition Training), and more importantly, we have specially signed cooperation letters of intent with many airlines, so that you can learn more job opportunities and information. We not only let you get a certificate, but also Your powerful partner in employment!
  • How does Taiwan do long-distance cross-country flights to meet the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration for commercial pilot training 300 nautical miles (540 kilometers)?
    The Civil Aviation Administration approved the way to complete this training around the island. The trainees who have completed the training so far can meet the legal requirements and airline standards
  • Taiwan's airspace is mostly controlled by the military or controlled by the military. Can it meet the needs of flight training?
    The Civil Aviation Administration has planned 3 dedicated training airspaces and air layers for civil aviation training at the beginning of our establishment, and the current planning can meet the training purposes.
  • How to pay for training courses? Can I pay in installments?
    According to your needs, the company provides various payment methods such as remittance, cash, credit card, check, etc., and payment can be made in installments. If it is a one-time payment, there are other discounts. For standard course fees, please refer to the "Fees and Schedule" page. The company launches preferential plans from time to time. Welcome to write or call us. ​
  • Learning to fly abroad can improve your English ability?
    Impractical: Countless people who have experienced it will tell you that if you are not good at English, you have to learn to fly at the same time. It is more important to consider studying in Taiwan: When you are a layman, it is more conducive to your subsequent study if you can familiarize yourself with aviation professional knowledge in your mother tongue first. Moreover, after entering the department of surgery, English teaching is completely compared to foreign countries. Jargon: In addition, aviation uses "technical terms" that are common throughout the world, not everyday conversations, so there is no obvious difference in where to learn to fly. Moreover, the environment for learning to fly in the United States is free, but the aviation dialogue is not rigorous. This will not help you in your future exams and practice. The regulatory environment in Taiwan will help you get acquainted with the formal international general professional aviation dialogue.
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