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台越飛航訓練交流再邁歷史性一步!越竹航空Bamboo Airways來訪安捷台東訓練基地,簽訂合作備忘錄

Apex takes another historic step in Vietnam pilot training market! We are pleased to have Bamboo Airways visited the Apex Taitung Training Base and signed a cooperation memorandum in pilot training.


Vietnamese students continue to flock to Taiwan for flight license training, and Bamboo Airways made a special visit today to sign a training memorandum with Apex Flight Academy! On the one hand, Bamboo Airways will select their co-pilots from among the Vietnamese graduates of Apex in the future.

On the other hand, the two sides have agreed to accelerate discussions and planning for subsequent pilot training matters.


Today also happens to be the opening ceremony for new students, where four Vietnamese students and three Taiwanese students embark on their journey to achieve their dreams of becoming pilots. Witnessed by the Bamboo Airways guests, they are expected to fly higher and higher in the future to achieve their pilot dreams!

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